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The Retread Tire Association’s mission is to help retreaders, suppliers and tire-repair industries prosper by providing the most up-to-date information about our industries. RTA was founded in 2010 by Harvey Brodsky. Harvey spent nearly three decades as the driving force and public face of the Tire Retread Information Bureau. Today, as the Retread Tire Association’s managing director, he continues to bring unparalleled knowledge, experience and passion to the industry. Read More >

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What's a DOT code and what does DOT stand for?

We are limiting the following DOT codes and information about them as they apply to retreaded truck tires. For more information about DOT codes for NEW tires, for both passenger and truck, please visit the following link:

First, DOT stands for Department of Transportation, which is a federal government agency. DOT codes are issued to retreaders who apply because they wish to retread tires that will be sold in the United States. A retreader from other countries outside the United States can apply for a DOT code, and one will be issued providing the retread company meets the criteria set for the by the Department of Transportation. There is no cost for the issuance of the DOT code.

A DOT code consists of three letters and helps to identify who retreaded the truck retread. For retreads, the letter R, which indicates that the tire is a retread, ALWAYS precedes the three letters.

Example: R XYZ indicates that (1) the tire is a retread, and (2) the tire was retreaded by the company that has been issued the three letters following R. Retreaded tires must also always have the following four numbers immediately after the three letters. These numbers indicate the week and year the tire was retreaded.

EXAMPLE: R XYZ 07 10 would indicate that the tire was retreaded on the seventh week (07) of the year 2010 (10).

You might find additional numbers listed after the required four numbers shown above.  Additional numbers are optional and are not required. The retreader might wish to identify the shift and any other information that may prove helpful to him or her in the event of a recall.

The following link will help you to identify the owner of the DOT code on a retreaded truck tire.

We are always available to help you navigate the NHTSA site shown above.